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Volo Travel is a 21st-century concierge service that provides seamless door to door transportation to the best oceanfront resorts and superyacht partners all over the tropics. This is possible thanks to Volo Travel’s direct connection to Tropic Ocean Airways’ fleet of 13 seaplanes that fly to remote beachfront locations in Florida, The Bahamas, the Caribbean, and the Hamptons, delivering 5 star service and unparalleled convenience.

Volo’s powerful network includes vetted private jet partners adding over 1200+ aircraft for direct airport service, as well as major airline connections offering safe and secure worldwide air travel to 300 destinations in 50 countries.

Volo’s team of concierges arrange all guest travel, including ground and sea transportation, for first and last movement options. Additional services include excursion planning to connect travelers with their bucket-list adventures.

Volo Travel not only makes travel to lux-resorts in remote beachfront locations easy, it makes it sexy too.

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